About us

The CIAO Pizzeria, founded in 1990 in the Sants neighborhood, in Barcelona. It is a cozy restaurant with a friendly atmosphere, tastefully decorated and with good background music, where the customer can savor the most exquisite recipes of the kitchen Italian.
Our menu offers customers a tempting range of dishes to choose made with top quality ingredients.

The menu consists of Antipasti or starters, ranging from Italian sausages or carpaccios, meat or bresaola. Next we find the pasta, where the client you can choose from a wide variety of sauces and flavors, either dry pasta or pasta fresh with a variety of fillings, not forgetting the homemade lasagna.

Another option in the pasta, are the typical Melanzane in the parmesan, aubergines with parmesan and mozzarella and au gratin. As a second course you can choose the veal escaloppine, saltimbocca or sirloin with mustard and cheese sauce.

The Ciao pizzeria also has more than twenty-five types of pizza on its menu different, made in the purest Italian style, and in front of the client, in a totally artisan.

And to end a good meal, don't forget to try our delicious homemade desserts, like the Tiramisu, the chocolate mousse or the truffles, also the fantastic ice creams Italians.

Bon appetit!!!!!!!!